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Vagner’s Videos – Brazilian Bum Slap

March 28, 2010

In the second of my very occasional series of viral videos dug up by my boyfriend Vagner comes this gem of Carioca Funk by the group As Tequileiras [that’s Portuguese for Tequila Girls]. The song is called Surra de Bunda, which roughly translates as Bum Slap. If that sounds like your kind of thing, be sure to watch the video below, especially as far as 1:52

Vagner’s Videos: Stefhany and her Volkswagen Crossfox

December 13, 2009

I hate it when bloggers on a very specific subject decide to throw in random, off-topic YouTube videos of some song or cute pet trick. Having said that, this is exactly what I am going to do now by introducing a new feature; Vagner’s Videos. While I spend all my time reading artsy photography blogs, my boyfriend, Vagner, is usually watching stupid, funny videos on YouTube, usually from Brazil.

The first installment is Stefhany Absoluta and her Volkswagen Crossfox:

It’s a forró-pop cover of Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles, accompanied by a home made video showing Stefhany [ie. Stephanie but spelled different], a young singer from Piauí, in Brazil’s impoverished northeast, seeking solace after being dumped by driving around in her Volkswagen Crossfox, a mini SUV sold mainly in Latin America. With close to a million views already on YouTube, Stefhany has become famous in her home state and the subject of campy jokes in more cosmopolitan São Paulo [where Vagner’s from].

My favorite detail in the video is that Stefhany has braces. It’s charming. Someday I hope to do a series of portraits of Brazilian adults with braces [there’s lots]. I think it says a lot about the country, in a good way.