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Gian Paolo Minelli at Centro Cultural Recoleta

April 12, 2010

Gian Paolo Minelli is a Swiss photographer who has been based in Buenos Aires for the last ten years. Currently on view at the Centro Cultural Recoleta is a substantial show of his work from Villa Lugano and Barrio Piedra Buena, both located in the southwest corner of the city. The show runs until May 2, 2010.

Gian Paolo Minelli at Centro Cultural Recoleta

Gian Paolo Minelli at Centro Cultural Recoleta

Minelli photographs with a 4×5 camera and the photos are highly detailed, 40×50″ C-prints with a ton of detail.

Gian Paolo Minelli at Centro Cultural Recoleta

Here’s an example of a detail I hadn’t noticed when looking at smaller reproductions. The photo above depicts Lugano I y II, a massive housing project in Villa Lugano. Between the central tower and the more distant towers on the left are these small, silver structures:

Parking Structures in Lugano I y II, photo by Gian Paolo Minelli at Centro Cultural Recoleta

Looking at the large print I could see that they were informally built parking structures in the common parking area of the complex.

Accompanying the exhibit is a catalog featuring many more photos of a project specifically focused on the neighborhood of Villa Lugano. The book was funded in part by the city of Lugano in Switzerland, which strikes me as a clever way to sell a project.

Villa Lugano 2008-2009 by Gian Paolo Minelli

Villa Lugano 2008-2009 by Gian Paolo Minelli

Villa Lugano has a little bit of everything urbanistically; mundane middle class areas, massive Soviet-style apartment towers, shantytowns, mega-supermarkets, a golf course and even an abandoned amusement park. It’s a microcosm of the urban composition of the Greater Buenos Aires area, which Minelli presents in a precise and straightforward way.

Villa Lugano 2008-2009 by Gian Paolo Minelli

Villa Lugano 2008-2009 by Gian Paolo Minelli

Minelli’s website is not, at the time of this writing, active yet, but it says “very soon”.  Recently The Black Snapper featured an essay of photos from Barrio Piedra Buena, another big “monoblock” complex located in the neighborhood. Also soon to be published in Europe is a monograph, The Skin of the Cities.

Vivi Abelson

April 6, 2010

Currently on view at Galeria Centrica are some photographs by the young Argentine photographer, Vivi Abelson.

© Vivi Abelson

From series Fuerza Círculo © Vivi Abelson

© Vivi Abelson

The gallery is a small room in the basement of an upscale shoe store in Palermo Viejo. The photos on view are simple and subtle, printed without overt manipulation. Here’s a few photos I took of the installation:

Vivi Abelson at Galeria Centrica

Vivi Abelson at Galeria Centrica

The gallery’s website is woefully uninformative so I’ll repeat the information about the show from the brochure. It’s up until April 30, 2010. The store/gallery is located on Francisco Acuña de Figeuroa 1800 and their hours are Monday to Friday 2-8pm and Saturday 10am-3pm. Their phone is +54 11 4865 0143.

Abelson, on the other hand, has a lovely website which I’d recommend checking out. It’s refreshing to see a website  using Indexhibit. I hope it’s a trend that takes off because it’s rare to find photographers from Argentina building websites with simple navigation and big images. I enjoyed her series Olaguer 3096 which consists of pictures of residents from the same building all taken in their respective kitchens. It’s a portrait of middle class porteño life:

From Olaguer 3006 © Vivi Abelson

From Olaguer 3006 © Vivi Abelson

From Olaguer 3006 © Vivi Abelson

Extranjero at Centro Cultural Borges – Feb. 18 to March 14

February 15, 2010

The students of FotoDoc, a documentary photo workshop run by Daniel Merle, photo editor of La Nacion’s magazine and supplements, are having their end of year exhibition at Centro Cultural Borges. The opening is Feb. 18th at 7pm and the show runs through March 14th. The theme for this year’s show; Extranjero.

Premio Foster Catena

December 15, 2009

© Raquel Chávez

Currently showing at the Ernesto Catena gallery, one of the few art galleries in Buenos Aires dedicated to photography are the winners of the 2009 Catena Prize for Contemporary Photography, which shows emerging photographers active in Argentina. The brochure from the show states:

…this is a juried competition with highly unusual characteristics: a) it selects groups of works that constitute essays, series or editions rather than isolated pieces, and b) by granting each artist an entire wall in gallyer, it exhibits works to the privilege comprehension of the larger project.

The show is up through February 20, 2010 so if you’re in Buenos Aires during their summer, go check it out. They’re located at Honduras 4882, Tuesdays thru Saturdays.

Here’s a list of the winners and their websites or Flickr streams [if I could find them]:

Raquel Chávez [flickr]

Victoria Diaz Azcoaga

Andres Knoblovits

Geraldine Lanteri

Nadia Lawson and Juan Sebastián Bruno

Cecilia Lenardón

Leonardo Marino

Federico Marión

Jerónimo Mazzola

Malena Pizani

BA Photo 2009 – Stuff I liked

October 31, 2009

On Thursday afternoon I went to Palais de Glace to check out the annual photography show. Buenos Aires Photo brings together about 30 art galleries that specialize in photography. Most are local altho there was a scattering from Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Spain. Like all art shows, it’s a little overwhelming to take in. Here’s a few photos that I liked:

Ezequiel Suranyi - Llegaron Los TucumanosEzequiel Suranyi is an Argentine based in the UK. Most of his work is based around soccer. He had a few black and white images that had a real joy and charm to them.

Hans Stoll - Carretera al SurImpressive images of Peru’s Carretera Sur by Hans Stoll.

Laura Glusman - SandaliaFrom Laura Glusman’s series of plants. This is a very commonly used plant in apartment building lobbies here in Buenos Aires and I’ve been kind of fascinated with plans here recently so I enjoyed seeing the work of another photographer with a similar obsession.

Charlie MainardiCharlie Mainardi is a well known advertising photographer in Buenos Aires who was at the fair with an eponymous gallery showing his artistic works. The style is very much consistent with the advertising “look”. It’s not a look I’m too enthusiastic about but I enjoyed the content, photos of run-down Buenos Aires.

Mercedes Soledad ManriqueMercedes Soledad Manrique’s photo was one of the selections in the Petrobras contest. This is a detail of the photo which shows two old women in a warmly lit interior. She doesn’t seem to have a website but I found this post on Guillermo Ueno’s blog Tosto.

Sebastian Friedman - Familia AcasussoAnother selection from the Petrobras contest is this photo by Sebastian Friedman showing wealthy and upper middle class Argentine families with their domestic servants. The idea strikes me as a little too obvious but this photo is a joy to look at. I especially love the dad’s wry smile as his mother-in-law [I wonder?] lies on her death bed.

Tristan Reyes - Los RamirezPuerto Rican photographer Tristan Reyes from his series Domingueando en La Perla.

Buenos Aires Photo – Oct 28-Nov 1, 2009

October 26, 2009
Palais de Glace

Palais de Glace

This weekend from October 28 to November 1st is Buenos Aires Photo, the annual art photography fair. Like art fairs in general, it can be overwhelming but it’s also wonderful to see so much work brought together. I always discover a lot of great photographers. It’s at Palais de Glace which is located at Posadas 1725. Admission is 20 pesos. More info on the website.

Alessandra Sanguinetti at Ruth Benzacar Gallery

October 25, 2009
© Alessandra Sanguinetti

© Alessandra Sanguinetti

I first became acquainted with the beautiful works of Alessandra Sanguinetti back in 2003 when the Yossi Milo gallery in New York showed her work The Adventure of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of their Dreams. The series depicts two young girls, cousins, who live on a farm in the pampas [near Luján, I’m told] and who act out their childhood fantasies dressing up and posing. Ten years have since passed and Sanguinetti has returned to the farm to photograph again the girls, now young adults. The series is called The Life to Come or, in Spanish, El Devenir de Sus Dias. It’s currently on view until November 13, 2009 at the Ruth Benzacar gallery on Florida 1000.

Alejandro Lipszyc – Los Clubes

October 23, 2009
© Alejandro Lipszcy

© Alejandro Lipszyc

If you’re in Buenos Aires, head on over to Teatro San Martin’s FotoGalería. Currently showing is Alejandro Lipszyc´s series Los Clubes. Shot with natural light and simple compositions, the photos show interiors of sports clubs in and around Buenos Aires. These clubs, while not the institution they once were, remain an important part of the city´s social landscape.

Go see the exhibit in person. The prints are really stunning. The FotoGalería is located in the ground floor, in the back, on the right, a little hidden away. Teatro San Martin is on Avenida Corrientes 1530 and the gallery is open from 2pm onwards daily (from noon on weekends). The show is up until November 29, 2009.