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Mesa de Luz

December 16, 2010

Last Saturday I participated in a Mesa de Luz [light table] where the participants of Nacho Iasparra’s workshops [myself included] put out prints on a table, rented two kegs of good beer, and invited a bunch of people to come over and look at them.

Two pictures from my Pulmones series on the wall

pile of photos by Matías Sinigoi

pile of photos by Fernando Araldi

Nacho Iasparra

pile of photos by Darío Schvarzstein

pile of photos by Andrés Kuzmanich

viewers checking out participants´photo books

My piles of photos

I figured I’d use it as an opportunity to show new stuff I haven’t put up on the web yet. I had two piles, one a series of portraits of guys [in 6×6!!] and the other photos of a certain type of landscape in Buenos Aires. I’m not ready to pull back the curtain on either of these yet so I’ll say no more but here’s a couple of images from each group.


Avenida General Paz

Here’s a list of all the participants with a link to their website or flickr if I could find one.

Arte x Arte Biennial – Stuff I liked

December 12, 2010

Arte x Arte [that’s Spanish for “Art for Art”] is a photography gallery that is currently showing their biennial of contemporary Argentine photography. It’s a huge survey with several dozen, mostly young photographers represented. Their website is down at the moment but they’re located at Lavalleja 1062 and I think they open at 1pm. I’m guessing the show should be up this whole month and perhaps in January too.

Here’s some stuff that I liked. It’s obviously my own tastes and not representative at all of the overall selection:

Denise Giovaneli

A gorgeous twilight building by Denise Giovaneli. It makes me want to throw out my big cameras and just shoot 35mm.

Eloy Vallejo

Eloy Vallejo does staged photographs. This one is called “Winter Vacation” and features a rather depressing suburban scene.

Fabian Ramos

This self-portrait by Fabian Ramos reminded me a little of the Maske series by Phyllis Galembo currently making its away around the blogosphere.

German Ruiz

One of German Ruiz’s cute dogs I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. I liked how the print was hung on two little pins inside the glass frame. It’s a whimsical gesture that goes well with the subject matter.

German Ruiz

Ivo Aichenbaum

Ivo Aichenbaum shoots McMansions in Patagonia.

Juan Guillermo Peña

There wasn’t a whole lot of un-staged social scenes present. This photo by Juan Guillermo Peña was one exception.

Julian Rodriguez

This really cool, long exposure, nightscape by Julian Rodriguez was the only traditional black & white fiber print in the whole show.

Lena Szankay

Lena Szankay took home the big prize with this photo of the interior of an old photo studio in a small town.

Oliver Kornblihtt

I like Oliver Kornblihtt’s series of big box retail stores. I was accused of only featuring photographers who use film on this blog. I pointed to this photo to defend myself. I’m not so much against digital as I am against bad Photoshopping.

I’ve tried to link to each photographer’s website but sometimes they can be hard to find. Feel free to leave a link in the comments.

Martín Canals – Mini-animalista

November 11, 2010

Yesterday at the Centro Cultural Recoleta I caught this fun show by Martín Canals showing constructed worlds of animal figurines. The prints were colossal which is no coincidence since Canals is one of the owners of Megaphoto. The show closes tomorrow but I figure I’ll write about it anyway.

Martin Canals at CC Recoleta

I like how with the forced perspective the constructed space of the animals bleeds off into reality. A number of the prints were stereographs, viewable with special, custom-made devices.

Stereo viewing device

Stereo viewing device

The most clever was this machine made of out recycled parts from an E-6 processor that rotated a selection of sterographs on slide flim, projecting different scenes for the viewer.

Stereograph viewing device made from old E-6 Processor

Viewing stereo images, Martin Canals at CC Recoleta

I’m not sure if Canals has a website or not. Googling his name merely turns up information about Canals on the planet Mars (ie. “did you mean Martian Canals?)

Melina Rodriguez Giles – Women in their Bathrooms

September 20, 2010

© Melina Rodriguez Giles

Currently on view at the FotoGaleria in Centro Cultural San Martin is the show Mujeres en Sus Baños by  Melina Rodriguez Giles.

The title sums up the show pretty well. Its an interesting tour of porteño bathroom tiles and feminine bathroom fashion. While not all of the women shown are rail thin, I couldn’t help thinking about the eating disorders that are so prevalent in Argentina and all the times I’ve heard women ordering salad and diet coke at restaurants. The show is on view until October 3, 2010.

Jungla at le bar

August 12, 2010

Lorena Fernandez in Jungla at Le Bar

le bar is a trendy, after work bar in downtown Buenos Aires. Right now in their upstairs section is a colective show of photographs that’s unusually good for a restaurant. It’s called JUNGLA. I went for the opening. I liked the photo above by Lorena Fernandez [as of my writing this the site does not work, hopefully that will be fixed].

Anük Torre Obeid

Apparently Barbara Eden has resurfaced in the Parana river delta.

There’s a book available that goes with the exhibit:

Jungla book

Unfortunately it cost 150 pesos [about US$38 at todays exchange rates]. To give you a sense of the size of the photo book market here a grand total of 100 were printed. Still, I was tempted to buy it for a spectacular photograph of a factory surrounded by century plants [see my previous post on agave americana]. The photo is by Guillermo Andres Romero. Unfortunately his website is en construcción.

JUNGLA’s website, however, has a pretty good overview of the exhibit and the participating photographers. The mostly seem to have day jobs in the movie industry. Also, I see more and more sites here using indexhibit, which is surely a good sign.

le bar is located at Tucuman 422 and the show is upstairs. It’s on view until September 30, 2010.

Las Palmas at Galeria Centrica

August 12, 2010

Las Palmas at Galeria Centrica

Currently at Galeria Centrica is a group show called show called Las Palmas. It features 70-ish photos by over 30 photographers posted loosely in groups on three of the gallery’s walls. There’s a mix of well-known photographers and lesser known newcomers. The contributors’ page helpfully links to each photographer’s web presence, if they have any. I was particularly taken with this landscape by Nicolas Larraquet:

Nicolas Larraquet at Galeria Centrica

I can find absolutely nothing on Larraquet online. No website, no blog, no flickr account, not even a facebook profile.  In this day and age, this intrigues me all the more. The photos on display offer  at-a-glance and overview of a  school of contemporary, artistically minded photography here in Buenos Aires that is concerned with gorgeous light, sublime moments and unstructured leisure time.

Las Palmas is on view until September 3, 2010. Galeria Centrica is located on Acuña de Figeuroa 1800 and is open Mon-Fri 2-8pm and Saturday 11am-5pm. The gallery is in the basement. Upstairs its a shoestore. Don’t be deterred.

Nacho Iasparra at Galeria Catena

July 24, 2010

© Ignacio Iasparra

Currently at Galeria Ernesto Catena through August 2010 is a show of photographs by Nacho Iasparra.  I went to the opening, here’s how the photos looked on the wall:

Ignacio Iasparra at Galeria Ernesto Catena

Full disclosure: I study in Nacho’s workshop.

Saint Darío of the Train Platform by SUB [cooperativa de fotógrafos]

July 13, 2010

San Darío del Anden by SUB

SUB [cooperativa de fotógrafos] is a collective of photojournalists specializing in social stories concerning Argentina and its neighbors. Currently  at Centro Cultural Recoleta is the exhibit San Darío del Anden [on view until August 1, 2010]. Briefly, Maxi Kosteki and Darío Santillán were two protesters [piquiteros] who were shot and killed at point blank range by police officers in the entrance to the Avellaneda train station in 2002 after the violent dispersal of a protest. Darío and Maxi have since become icons of the piquitero movement. There are ceremonies and protests at the train station on the anniversary of their killing and there’s pressure to rename the station Darío y Maxi.

San Darío del Anden by SUB

SUB belongs very much to the world of concerned photography seeking to change conditions with their photographs. What I find interesting is their use of strobist techniques and heavy post-production changes to color and contrast. If the grainy, high contrast, black and white images traditionally associated with this kind of photography have lost their ability to get an audience to respond, borrowing the tools and aesthetics of fashion and advertising may be an effective strategy.

SUB’s website has a ton of reportages. Their work on Paraguayan campesinos thrown off their land by soybean growers employs a similar technique and aesthetic.

Sol Levinas & Luna Paiva at Recoleta

May 26, 2010

Currently at the Centro Cultural Recoleta are two small photography shows. As you enter, in the hallway is Parecidos by Sol Levinas:

From the series Parecidos by Sol Levinas

Parecidos consists of photographs of three generations of Levinas’ own family, grouped by age and family; Levinas & her brothers, her father & uncle, her grandmother, and nieces & nephews. The uniform clothing and neutral presentation invites comparisons of genetic similarites across the generations:

Parecidos by Sol Levinas, at Centro Cultural Recoleta

This is a picture I took from the installation. The photo in the middle is a self-portrait of the artist herself. Levinas website is still under construction but a few of the photos from this series can be seen at Eduardo Gil’s website [disclosure: I’m currently taking classes with Eduardo].

Further down the hall is Vida de Diva by Luna Paiva. The series shows the Argentine version of show-girls, known as vedettes, posing in full regalia inside of their homes/apartments.

Vida de Diva by Luna Paiva

Vida de Diva by Luna Paiva

I enjoyed the contrast of the outlandish costumes with the ordinary and often sparsely furnished apartments, familar from my own experiences with furnished rentals for foreigners here in Buenos Aires. I was reminded a bit of Daniela Rossell’s Ricas y Famosas which depicted sheltered girls of Mexico City’s upper class. The difference here is that these vedettes are fully complicit in the project of making them look ridiculous, presumably as more publicity in their own desire to be come ricas and famosas.

Luna’s website has a few of the Diva portraits under the Portraits 2 section. Here’s one of the incomparable, ur-Vedette, Isabel Coco Sarli that I didn’t find on the website but is on show:

Coco Sarli from Vida de Diva by Luna Paiva

Both shows close on May 30, 2010.

Alina Schwarcz at Centro Cultural Rojas

May 4, 2010

Centro Cultural Rojas on Corrientes & Junin is showing photos by Alina Schwarcz. It’s called Secreto de Chicas [or Girl Secrets]. The show is up until May 22, 2010.

Alina Schwarcz at Centro Cultural Rojas

This was the only photo I managed to snap before the languid receptionist informed me that photography was not allowed [there was nothing posted]. Ironically for a show titled “secreto de chicas” I took one of the only photos of a guy. Go figure. I’m a big fan of including imacs, macbooks and iphones in photographs. I think they’re a key marker of our present day, sort of like Stephen Shore’s 1970’s automobiles, or Walker Evans’ movie posters.

Alina Shwarcz does not have a website but here’s some links I was able to dig up googling her; vvv gallery, proyecto panda, bola de nieve, ramona web. Ironically this post will probably be #2 or #3 in about a week.

Here’s some photos I was able to dig up. These are all from previous projects and exhibitions. I couldn’t find any photos from the current show, which I guess is all the more reason to see the show [if you’re fortunate enough to be in Buenos Aires].

© Alina Schwarcz, from series Tigre

© Alina Schwarcz, from series Tigre

I want one of those floating camera bags.

© Alina Schwarcz