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Editing for my website

October 27, 2009

Editing photos in my apartment

I had a bunch of 20x25cm prints made, mostly of my medium format stuff, mostly pictures of Buenos Aires, mostly houses. I’ve been playing around with the prints in my apartment trying to figure out an edition and sequencing for my eventual website. I’d like for my website to be just a single page; one long, horizontal scroll of .jpgs, maybe 15-20 images. I like the horizontal scroll format and the simplicity [as well as challenge] of summing up my work [as it stands now] on a single page. No Flash, no slideshows, no navigation.

I took the images to one of my classes, Edición Fotográfica at Centro Cultural Rojas. I figured it would be a good forum to get some feedback. Here’s the resulting mess of the same prints:

It was fantastic to see the connections the professor and other students made between separate photos and gave me a lot of ideas about alternative sequencing. The professor did say two things that stuck in my mind, rather ambiguous advice. First is that he hates series. Second is that my work is series driven and I should separate it thusly. Hmmmm… I’ll have to think about that.