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Sol Levinas & Luna Paiva at Recoleta

May 26, 2010

Currently at the Centro Cultural Recoleta are two small photography shows. As you enter, in the hallway is Parecidos by Sol Levinas:

From the series Parecidos by Sol Levinas

Parecidos consists of photographs of three generations of Levinas’ own family, grouped by age and family; Levinas & her brothers, her father & uncle, her grandmother, and nieces & nephews. The uniform clothing and neutral presentation invites comparisons of genetic similarites across the generations:

Parecidos by Sol Levinas, at Centro Cultural Recoleta

This is a picture I took from the installation. The photo in the middle is a self-portrait of the artist herself. Levinas website is still under construction but a few of the photos from this series can be seen at Eduardo Gil’s website [disclosure: I’m currently taking classes with Eduardo].

Further down the hall is Vida de Diva by Luna Paiva. The series shows the Argentine version of show-girls, known as vedettes, posing in full regalia inside of their homes/apartments.

Vida de Diva by Luna Paiva

Vida de Diva by Luna Paiva

I enjoyed the contrast of the outlandish costumes with the ordinary and often sparsely furnished apartments, familar from my own experiences with furnished rentals for foreigners here in Buenos Aires. I was reminded a bit of Daniela Rossell’s Ricas y Famosas which depicted sheltered girls of Mexico City’s upper class. The difference here is that these vedettes are fully complicit in the project of making them look ridiculous, presumably as more publicity in their own desire to be come ricas and famosas.

Luna’s website has a few of the Diva portraits under the Portraits 2 section. Here’s one of the incomparable, ur-Vedette, Isabel Coco Sarli that I didn’t find on the website but is on show:

Coco Sarli from Vida de Diva by Luna Paiva

Both shows close on May 30, 2010.