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Luciana Lamothe

May 29, 2011

I’m back in Buenos Aires and visiting various gallery and exhibition spaces. I passed by the Itau Cultural Center, a small space in a prominent location [9 de Julio and Viamonte]. Some photographs by Luciana Lamothe caught my eye.

© Luciana Lamothe

© Luciana Lamothe

Lamothe photographed strangers on the street while using a mirror to reflect the sun’s rays into her subject’s faces.

I occasionally follow debates about the legality and ethics surrounding street photography. For the record I’m firmly on the side of the rights of the photographer. The right to privacy in public space is oxymoronic. Lamothe’s approach seems to be of “the best defense is a good offense” strategy. Rather than stick up for the rights of photographers, her art is a big fuck you to the public, and I love the photos for that.

Lamothe is more of the “artist who uses photography” variety [not that there’s anything wrong with that]. She documents various actions involving petty, symbolic vandalism in public spaces.

Removing security guard stickers © Luciana Lamothe

The stickers were then placed on the artist's refrigerator © Luciana Lamothe

Perforated sachet of yougurt in the soap section of a supermarket © Luciana Lamothe

She’s like the rebellious teenage child of Gabriel Orozco. The mix of suggested violence and ingenuity is really endearing.