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Jim Dow in Argentina

June 30, 2010

England & Argentina - Communications Office Railroad Station © Jim Dow

England & Argentina - El Pingo © Jim Dow

England & Argentina - Grand Splendid Buenos Aires © Jim Dow

Jim Dow, American photographer of baseball stadiums and North Dakota has made a number of trips to Argentina over the last 15 years. I was in the workshop that I take with Ignacio Iasparra when he pulled out a contact print of one of Dow’s photos,  [it was a gift for assisting]. The photo showed a beautiful municipal library from the 1920s in Nacho’s home town of 25 de Mayo.

I was curious to see additional work by Dow from Argentina. He doesn’t have a website but  Rose Gallery, Clark Gallery,  and Janet Borden, who represent Dow, all have some [small] images. The pictures above are from Janet Borden’s site. Beyond this, there doesn’t seem to be much on the web of Dow’s work, which is a shame. A .jpeg could never replace an 8×10 contact print but I’m a realist. Living 8000 miles away from New York, most photography I experience comes via the web. I emailed Dow,  asking if there’s some online trove I haven’t found, but he hasn’t responded yet. Hopefully he’s got some summer interns busy with the drum scanner and plans to just put everything on Flickr. How cool would that be?