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Flickr Finds: Andre Dos Santos

February 13, 2011

Barrio La Castellana © Andre Dos Santos

Bus terminal in Tunja © Andre Dos Santos

Barrio La Castellana © Andre Dos Santos

I search for images a lot on flickr. Sometimes I’m scouting out locations, other times it’s simply a winograndian desire to see my world photographed. The images above are by Andre Dos Santos. I found them while doing a search on the terms “Bogota Medium Format” or perhaps it was “Bogota Formato Medio.” It’s not that I’m philosophically against digital [although my emotional biases skew towards the analogical], rather, it’s that there’s a whole lot of uninteresting crap on flickr. Delimiting the search by format and film type is a good proxy for finding photographers whose interests coincide with my own.

I liked Dos Santos’ images of the Bogota neighborhood of La Castellana. I’m basically interested in residential architecture anywhere and Bogota is no exception. The color palette, the design of the houses, the small details like the decorative window bars and other design flourishes are a source of endless fascination.

Flickr Finds: Lagocardiel & the Patagonian Landscape

May 14, 2010

While randomly browsing for images of Patagonian oil town of Comodoro Rivadavia I came across the photographs of flickr user lagocardiel, known in real life as Hector Fabian Garrido. Spanning two decades and consisting of over a thousand photos, Garrido’s archives shows the Patagonian landscape taken over the course of his job in seismic exploration. Beyond the obvious and stunning beauty of the landscape lies a certain innocent exuberance that reminds me of 19th century photography. The implications of mineralogical exploitation of the landscape is subsumed in boyish wonder.  The giant seismic vibrators resemble tonka trucks as the roll across they tree-less landscape.

Seismic Vibrators by Hector Fabian Garrido

Bosque Magallanico in Southern Chile by Hector Fabian Garrido

Base GPS by Hector Fabian Garrido

Hacia otra posicion by Hector Fabian Garrido

Seismic Vibrators by Hector Fabian Garrido

Here’s a picture with text that explains what the seismic vibrators do.

Buenos Aires Conurbano on Flickr

January 18, 2010

I’m an enthusiastic user of Flickr [and other social media]. I use it to scout locations, research destinations, and just in general be inspired by others’ work. Here’s a few photographs from the outskirts of Buenos Aires (ie. the Conurbano) that I’ve found recently in my browsing:

Aerial view of neighborhood in La Matanza, © Andres D'Elia

San Martin from set Conurbano 2008, © German Adrasti

© Flickr user +toli

For a region with a population of 10 million, there’s hardly any photographs of the conurbano. A search on Flickr reveals a less than 400 photos. I’m interested in the place precisely because no one thinks it worthy to photograph. Also worth checking out is the group sud-sub-urb which describes itself as latinamerican suburban aesthetic.