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Federico Condado’s Videos

December 18, 2010

One of the participants in the Mesa de Luz I blogged about in the last post is Federico Condado. In addition to his photography, Condado makes these really interesting videos where he slices pixels from a sequence of frames to generate these odd but fascinating videos of street scenes in Buenos Aires.

I asked Federico to comment on how he makes these videos and he had the following to say [the translation is mine]:

I set up a tripod and shoot a 2 or 3 minute video. This is the original video. Then, with a program that I made [I’m a programmer by profession], I create the final video. Each frame in the final video contains different parts of the original video. So, for example, what’s happening at the bottom of the screen happened after what’s shown above… The deformations depend on the speed of the object. Generally what isn’t moving looks normal.

Seriously, there’s are really cool. Go check out his webpage which has several of these videos, bring up comfortable chair and spend a few minutes tripping out to their beautiful weirdness.