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Diego Levy – Accidents & Punches

September 9, 2010

Diego Levy is an Argentine photojournalist with a long history of covering the city’s violent underside. His series Choques depicts car accidents in a whimsical way that belies the violence contained in these incidents. Argentina has one of the world’s highest accident fatality rates.

© Diego Levy

© Diego Levy

© Diego Levy

Just as a personal note, the way people drive in Argentina is insane. I ascribe it to the tedium for the flat landscape.

Another series on Levy’s website that I really like is Golpes, portraits of retired boxers. Captioned below each photo is the number of fights each boxer fought.

Jose Menno / 135 flights © Diego Levy

If you are in Buenos Aires I would recommend you check out FotoDoc’s open night this Monday, September 13, 2010. Diego Levy will be presenting along with Catalina Bartolome. It’s at 8pm at Espacio Eclectico on Humberto Primo 730 in San Telmo.

As another personal note, I really like Levy’s site with big images and straightforward text written in first person. I’m heartened that more and more sites here are being built with indexhibit. Up until recently most photographers’ site here were un desastre.