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Daniel Merleā€™s Camera Porn Videos

November 9, 2009

Daniel Merle is the photo editor for La Nacion’s Sunday magazine and he also writes the best [the only?] blog on photography in Argentina. I enjoy reading his blog [in Spanish] because he writes in a very conversational style that I find easy to read. Of course, I also enjoy what he writes about. Recently he’s been producing these wonderful short videos of well-known photographers here in Argentina talking about what cameras they use and why. I realize that the camera does not make the photographer, still, I’m a complete camera porn fetishist and total voyeur when it comes to watching other photographers at work, so these videos are a joy to watch [in Spanish]:

Juan Travnik

Alberto Goldenstein [I’m currently taking a workshop with Alberto at the Centro Cultural Rojas]

Marcos Lopez. This video is amusing because Sr. Lopez doesn’t actually own any cameras. Like a lot of commercial photographers, he rents what he needs [he’s also fun to listen to].