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Alejandra Prieto – Jardín Satélite

January 7, 2012

On my way to Peru, I stopped in Santiago de Chile. I asked an acquaintence there if he could recommend any local artists, which is how I discovered Alejandra Prieto. The images below are stills from a short video showing houses in the upscale neighborhood of Jardín Satélite in Santiago.

Alejandra Prieto - Jardín Satélite

Alejandra Prieto - Jardín Satélite

Alejandra Prieto - Jardín Satélite

The punchline of the video is that these homes could be from any gated community in Chatsworth or Woodland Hills. I’m reminded a bit of Catherine Opie’s photographs of homes in Bel Air. Santiago already shares a climate and topography very similar to that of Southern California. Furthermore Chilean real estate developers, have worked hard to meticulously recreate the look and feel of wealthy North American suburbs here in the south.

Caliche Living

January 5, 2011

© Daniel Melo from series 'Caliche Living'

© Daniel Melo from series 'Caliche Living'

Daniel Melo’s series from northern Chile, Caliche Living, made while living in Antofagasta for a year. Caliche is a type of sedimentary rock common to desert climates.

I also loved this image of a trail near Cuzco, Peru from his series Eight the Gate.

© Daniel Melo from series 'Eight the Gate'

Andres Figueroa – Bailarines del Desierto

November 21, 2009

© Andres Figueroa

Via the always amazing blog, PeruFotoLibre, I discovered the work of Chilean photographer Andres Figueroa and his series Bailarines del Desierto. I love the limited color palette of this image above and  its just so cute. I’m reminded of Irving Penn’s Cuzco Children. There are more photos from the series on the blog Chilenizacion de la Fotografia , an excellent blog with a clever name that I discovered while googling for more images. They feature contemporary Chilean photographers and I’d recommend checking it out.