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Feria de Libros de Fotografia de Autor 2011

August 14, 2011

The Feria de Libros de Fotos de Autor is taking place currently in Buenos Aires. It’s a book fair featuring locally published photo books.  The small fair takes place at Espacio Eclectico on Humberto Primo 730 in San Telmo and runs for another weekend. Here’s a few snaps I took.

Feria de Libros de Fotografía de Autor

Feria de Libros de Fotografía de Autor

The fair also features clever one-off,  home-made albums, and some objects that stretch the definition of “book”

Bichitos Mios by Belén Revollo

On the walls are mini exhibits by some excellent photographers; Florencia Blanco, Sebastian Szyd, Ananké Asseff, Facundo de Zuviría, Luciana Betesh, and Sergio Liste.

Florencia Blanco & Sebastián Szyd

Ananké Asseff

Facundo de Zuviría

Sergio Liste

I ended up buying a couple of books; Fachadas de Rafaella by Jimena Passadore and Imagenes en Memoria by Gerardo Dell’Oro They’re both quite good. I think I’ll end up writing separate posts about each but for now here’s a quick snap of each:

Fachadas de Rafaela de Jimena Passadore

Imágenes en Memoria by Gerardo Dell'Oro

Imágenes en Memoria by Gerardo Dell'Oro

Espacio Formosa

September 14, 2010

Espacio Formosa is a small, store-front gallery in Villa Urquiza run by Guillermo Ueno and Lola Goldstein. About once a month they have gatherings featuring home-cooked food and music on the sidewalk. Here’s a few snapshots from an event this past Saturday:

The event was to celebrate the recent publication of several small photo books including Circulacion, which I wrote about yesterday. Pages from the various editions were cut out and pasted on the walls.

Ueno and Goldsteing run a blog called Tosto. I’d recommend adding it to your feed. They use it to announce events at the gallery and to feature photographs by students that attend their workshops.


September 13, 2010

I recently picked up a small pamphlet titled “Circulación“.

The publication features photos by Paula Barbetti, Leandro Ibarra, Leticia Lahitte, Martina Maffini, Soledad Manrique, Victoria Onassis, and Tomas Ruiz. I bought it for 20 pesos at Espacio Formosa, a small gallery in Villa Urquiza.