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Ridgemont Typologies – Mark Luthringer

March 8, 2010

My last post about San Joaquin Valley towns got me thinking about  the series Ridgemont Typologies by Mark Luthringer which I came across about a year ago. It depicts various aspects of recently built suburban architecture in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Office Parks from the series Ridgemont Typologies by Mark Luthringer

I get a thrill out of seeing my home territory depicted in photographs. No water towers or steel mills here, just office parks exactly like the one I used to work in. The majority of places where people spend their time in California, northern, southern or central look like this. Luthringer, with the limitlessness of his digital camera, explores this sameness.

From his artistic statement:

I came to see that not only could I not take credit for previously existing form, I had no desire to.

I also love that Luthringer photographs in bright sunlight. To try to depict California otherwise is not a recipe for long term sanity.