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Alexander Apostol – Avenida Caracas

June 15, 2010

Alexander Apostol is another Venezuelan photographer who has various projects inspired by architecture in both his native country as well as Colombia.

From the series Avenida Caracas by Alexander Apostol

From the series Avenida Caracas by Alexander Apostol

The series Avenida Caracas, Bogotá shows buildings along one of Bogotás main thoroughfares. The avenue was widened in the 1950s in preparation for a masterplan, prepared by Le Corbusier, that was never implemented. Bogotá´s rapid transit system, the TransMilenio, runs along this avenue. I´m a bit of a rapid transit geek so I´ve been spending a lot of time riding up and down is avenue, looking at and admiring these buildings.

Apostol has some other very interesting projects.  Residente Pulido and Residente Pulido: Rancho are photographs where all windows and writing have been digitally removed. The former series depicts 1950s modernist buildings in Caracas while the later depicts shantytown style informal constructions with hollow brick and cinderblock. Pulido means polished in Spanish. Rancho in Venezuelan Spanish refers to the informal style of construction found in slums. In Argentina they would be called villas while in Brazil they are known as favelas.

Residente Pulido by Alexander Apostol

Residente Pulido: Rancho by Alexander Apostol