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Demolición. Three Argentine Photographers

November 14, 2012

Marcos López, Tía Delia, Santa Fé, 1992

There is a current show up in Buenos Aires called, Demolición. En pos de una fotografía ¿argentina? It features three Argentine photographers, Alberto Goldenstein, Marcos Lopez, and Ataulfo Perez Aznar and was the brainchild of Guillermo Ueno whose class I took a few years ago at the Centro Cultural Rojas.

I post about this show mostly because I came across a post on the blog, RƎV: Imagenes de Arte Contemporanea en Argentina which shows a very good selection of installation shots of the show. The blog is written by the indomintable Gabriela Schevach, artist, photographer and writer. I will definitely be adding it to my blog reader (does anyone use those anymore?).

Daniel Merle’s Camera Porn Videos

November 9, 2009

Daniel Merle is the photo editor for La Nacion’s Sunday magazine and he also writes the best [the only?] blog on photography in Argentina. I enjoy reading his blog [in Spanish] because he writes in a very conversational style that I find easy to read. Of course, I also enjoy what he writes about. Recently he’s been producing these wonderful short videos of well-known photographers here in Argentina talking about what cameras they use and why. I realize that the camera does not make the photographer, still, I’m a complete camera porn fetishist and total voyeur when it comes to watching other photographers at work, so these videos are a joy to watch [in Spanish]:

Juan Travnik

Alberto Goldenstein [I’m currently taking a workshop with Alberto at the Centro Cultural Rojas]

Marcos Lopez. This video is amusing because Sr. Lopez doesn’t actually own any cameras. Like a lot of commercial photographers, he rents what he needs [he’s also fun to listen to].