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Mata Matayoshi & Ofuro

October 29, 2012

Recently I got an email flyer for a small exhibit in Buenos Aires that advertised photos, music and empanadas. Boy, did I feel nostalgic. The show in question was Te Toca Lavar, by photographers Mata Matayoshi and Victoria Abalde, friends of mine from when I lived in Argentina. Mata runs an excellent film scanning service called Ofuro that I’ve used and will do so again the next time I’m down there. There’s a group on facebook, where Mata uploads scans of his own photos as well as those of his clients:

Mata Matayoshi


Mata Matayoshi

Mata Matayoshi

Mata Matayoshi



Now at ASU

October 11, 2012

Sorry for the absence of posting. I’ve been busy with grad school…

My student ID card

In August I started a three year MFA program at Arizona State University. A couple of years ago I started thinking I would like to have a more formal education in photography. Last year I came to the US and I spent a month looking at various schools. Of all the ones I visited, ASU was the program that I liked the best. I applied and, luckily, was accepted. And so, since August, I’ve been in Phoenix (technically Tempe) studying.

I hope to keep blogging about what I’m working on and also goings on in Argentina, although I’ll have to do so from a distance.