Musuk Nolte – Decierto

February 23, 2012

While in Lima last month, I visited Galeria Lucila de la Puente in Barranco where I came across the following photo.

Musuk Nolte - Decierto

I had assumed it was an intervention in the desert, land art. In fact, the line designates plots of land in a soon to be occupied settlement on the outskirts of Lima. The photo is part of a series by Peruvian photographer Musuk Nolte called “decierto”, a play on the words desert and “decir” (to say). It contains austere photos of traces of human settlement on the land surrounding the Peruvian capital. The gallery’s website has a selection of images from the series. Nolte also belongs to a collective of photojournalists, Versus Photo, which shows a very different style of work.

Musuk Nolte - Decierto

Musuk Nolte - Decierto


One Response to “Musuk Nolte – Decierto”

  1. […] subject matter is similar to Musuk Note’s Decierto series which I blogged about recently but is less abstract, more into the nuts and bolts of how these plots of land get developed by […]

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