Nuna Mangiante

December 18, 2011

© Nuna Mangiante

Nuna Mangiante is an artist who primarily works with graphite. Her works that I’ve seen in person are large, abstract drawings where areas of shape are indicated by density and direction of the stroke of her hand. They remind me a bit of Ad Reinhardt’s abstract paintings and, like Reinhardt’s, work, are utterly impossible to appreciate except in the first person.

I suppose it’s fitting then, that I can’t find any examples of these works on Mangiante’s site or anywhere on the web. Her website does, however, have some interesting examples of her work. The series El Corral deLito shows bank facades in the aftermath of the 2001 economic crisis. The title is a play on the local term for frozen accounts, which is what the government did to depositors. For months afterward, angry protesters descended on the banks in downtown, demanding their money back. The banks put up metal barriers, which are precisely the parts that Mangiante has drawn over, leaving only the abstract pattern of her work and the original details of the buildings’ architecture.

© Nuna Mangiante

© Nuna Mangiante

© Nuna Mangiante

Her website also has a selection of installation works. If they weren’t already designated as installations, I could easily believe, by looking at the images online, that they were more drawn-over photographs, which I think is cool

© Nuna Mangiante

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  1. nuna Says:

    Gracias por tus opiniones!

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