Ochava Solstice – The Book

December 16, 2011

I made a little prototype of a book on Blurb of my Ochava Solstice project. It’s cool to put into physical form some of the ideas I’ve been having about the work. It makes a nice gift too.  After all, nobody doesn’t love a book.

The book itself is really basic. I chose the black & white, trade paper back option, which is the cheapest and roughest option available. The only luxury I splurged for was paying extra to remove Blurb’s logo.


The cover is all 49 images imposed on one another, Idris Kahn-style, but then inverted. The title’s typeface is Gil Sans, in homage to Richard Long. I’m not a designer so this probably won’t survive further iterations.

Ochava Solstice #1

The pages just show each corner from the series, in the same order as on my website, ordered by shadow height.

Ochava Solstice #9

Ochava Solstice #9, detail

On the page facing each image are two numbers; the time the photo was taken and a number in brackets. The bracketed number is meant to be a little cryptic. I’ve been thinking of this book as kind of like an archeological artifact with clues needing to be decoded.

Ochava Solstice #49

Careful observers will have noted that the first and last buildings in the series are the same but photographed on different dates.


The final page is an index of the building locations. The street names evoke Buenos Aires but only if you know the city already, since most of these buildings are in far-out neighborhoods [e.g. Romulo Naon, Hernandarias, Fraga, Aranguren, etc.]. Otherwise, the location of this body of work is, I think/hope, a bit mysterious.

I also didn’t include my name anywhere in the book. I wanted to add a bit of mystery as to what exactly this object is, again thinking of it as something archeological. I also imagine it as a sacred text of a secret society of sun worshiping apartment brokers—or something like that.

Since this is just a prototype, I haven’t made it public on Blurb or anything but if you want a copy, let me know and I’ll add you to my list the next time I order a batch.

Also my thanks to my friend Zeke, who kindly lent his services as hand-model for this shoot.

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