Martin Weber – Echoes from the Interior

October 31, 2011

I first discovered Martin Weber’s project, Echoes from the Interior when it was shown in 2002 at a long-defunct gallery in Harlem called The Project. At the time I had just moved to New York and was discovering the pleasures of super-huge color C-prints common in contemporary photography [then and now]. Weber’s project really stuck with me because I had just recently spent a year and a half living in Argentina in 1999 and 2000 and to see large format, color works of subject matter I was familiar with and nostalgic for was a big deal for me at the time. Unfortunately I never bothered to write down Weber’s name and, although the photos stuck with me, for a number of years I had no idea who they were by. Eventually I came across one of the prints at an art show here in Buenos Aires and was able to track down Weber. At the time he didn’t have a website but he does now.

The series show scenes from various provinces of Argentina’s interior which have, in some way, to do with the history of the country and popular beliefs of the people. Many elements of the country’s recent political and economic history are touched upon in an eliptical way. Helpfully, the photos in the series come with an explanatory text, making each photo into sort of fable. The text that goes with the images here on my blog is too small to read, so I’d recommend going to Weber’s website and going through the whole series.

© Martin Weber

© Martin Weber

© Martin Weber

© Martin Weber

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