Natalia Carozzo

August 30, 2011

I met Natalia Carozzo on the street in San Telmo. She was selling her pictures at the Sunday antiques fair. For those who don’t know, the San Telmo fair is one of Buenos Aires’ biggest tourist attractions. It sprawls over 10 blocks and attracts a wide range of sellers of all kinds of antiques and hand-made crafts. There’s usually a small selection of vendors selling photography, although, this being a fair primarily geared towards tourists, the photos usually depict sultry tango dancers embracing on dark, wet, cobble-stoned streets. When I saw Natalia’s photos, I did a double-take and spent a good while looking.

© Natalia Carozzo

I was really impressed with Carozzo’s street portraits; the ones I saw at the fair and, later, on her site. She has a certain fearlessness, or at least, a real determination to go out into the world here in Argentina and photograph what’s in front of her. Despite this sounding easy, there’s very few people here today actually doing this.

© Natalia Carozzo

© Natalia Carozzo

She was there at the fair, clearing out her studio, selling work prints and clearing out her studio. It wasn’t a regular gig. I ended up buying a photo, a small but beautiful C-print measuring 20x20cm. I have posted on my fridge at home.

Natalia Carozzo photograph on my fridge

Here’s the same image from her website. It was selected last year for the Salon Nacional, an important contest in Argentina.

© Natalia Carozzo

Also see Carozzo’s flickr stream.

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