Other Kinds of Ochavas

August 2, 2011

Allende 3786

Lastra 3692

Quevedo 3392

Quintana 4694

Vallejos 4516

Virgilio 2788

To get a little more efficient in my search of buildings for my Ochava Solstice series, I’ve been using the Mapa Interactivo de Buenos Aires. The site, run by the city government, is a sort of a poor-man’s Google Street View [GSV hasn’t reached Argentina yet]. You have to zoom in on the parcel of land in question and click on it to access the picture.

There’s something about street corners in Buenos Aires and it has to do with the Ochava. The word Ochava refers to the diagonal cut on the corner that all buildings, by law, must have. While these street corners won’t work for my Ochava Solstice series, they’ve all got something and I’d like to take their portrait, so to speak. I’m taking notes and may be returning to these corners for more pictures.

Meanwhile I continue scouring the map for more triangular shadows. Sometimes the photographers from the city unwittingly do my work for me:

Jufre & Acevedo

One Response to “Other Kinds of Ochavas”

  1. Antonio Says:

    La ochava en Lastra 3692 podría darte un “solsticio imperfecto” 🙂

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