Lucila Heinberg

June 22, 2011

One of my photography professors would show photos from Lucila Heinberg as part of his class. I forget how it entered my head but I started searching for her images the other evening. Heingerg has a website but it’s just a placeholder without any links to her work. It took a bit of Google archaeology to dig up some of her images.

Dormidos is a series published on the online magazine Big Sur [“Sur” as in South America, not “big sur” as in California]. I like the photos not so much for the concept [people just woken up?] as for being simple portraits, without pretense, of artsy porteños, with their beards, long hair and skinny faces.

© Lucila Heinberg from the series 'Dormidos'

© Lucila Heinberg from the series 'Dormidos'

© Lucila Heinberg, from the series 'Dormidos'

I also found a a maxed out flickr stream by Heinberg with some of her work of Love Motels in Buenos Aires. In the local parlance they’re known as ‘telos’ and like love motels the world over they are drenched in the aesthetic of glass, neon and mirrors. Heinberg’s approach is very simple; long exposures at night of the hotels’ exterios. I’ve always hated the orange glow of sodium street lamps but I have to admit, the color works for this series.

© Lucila Heinberg, from the series 'Telos'

© Lucila Heinberg, from the series 'Telos'

Judging by the aspect ratio of these photos, I’m guessing they were all taken with a 35mm film camera. The photos work perfectly fine that way. I ask myself [boy do I ask myself]; why complicate life with big cameras when you can get beautiful results just like this with simple equipment.

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  1. lucila Says:

    Im Lucila Heinberg, and if you want contact me mi mail is :

  2. […] Centrico has a small online gallery of this work. I also blogged about Heinberg’s series Dormidos last […]

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