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Christian Bendayán

April 21, 2011

I’m currently in Iquitos, Peru, in the middle of the Amazon. Getting online is so slow, it seems like the whole city shares just a single dial-up connection to the internet. It reinforces the sense of isolation here, in this city which cannot be reached by car.

I recently discovered a local painter named Christian Bendayán. He paints aspects of daily life and fantasy in Iquitos and the surrounding region wild and bright colors. I was reminded of Marcos Lopez or, as a friend pointed out, Kehinde Wiley.

Orilla by Christian Bendayán

Luz by Christian Bendayán

Pirata (serie Domingo de ramos) by Christian Bendayán

Ani Kington – Ecuador

April 1, 2011

On my last day in New York I was killing time at the Barnes & Nobel in Union Square, flipping through the book, reGeneration 2, which features various emerging photographers. There were a couple of images by Ani Kington from a time she spent in Ecuador during 2008. I really liked the image below. I guess I’m a sucker for vistas.

Ani Kington from the series "Whatever will be"

The series on her website titled Whatever will be, contains a mix of landscaps (both urban and rural), interiors, portraits, still lifes. The series explores the tension between the rural and rapidly urbanizing areas in Ecuador.  What I really like aobut the photos is this sense that I’m present at the same moment, perceiving that bit of ordinary magic that’s out there in the world.

Ani Kington from the series "Whatever will be"

Ani Kington from the series "Whatever will be"

Additionally, Kington’s website has additional images under the section Ecuador Selects which show the same hightened sensitivity to light and context.

Ani Kington, "Ecuador Selects"