Pablo Adarme – Cake Houses

February 21, 2011

Continuing with an overview of various artistic responses to the popular domestic architecture of Colombia, comes the delicious work of Pablo Adarme.

Casas Pastel by Pablo Adarme

Casas Pastel by Pablo Adarme

Casas Pastel by Pablo Adarme

Adarme first went around Venecia, a working class neighborhood in the southern part of Bogota, photographing houses. He then contracted a local baker to make cakes based on the design. In Spanish the word “pastel” can mean both the English word “pastel” as well as “cake,” so the title is a pun, based on the color of the houses.

This work was exhibited in the Venice Biennial of Bogota. Venecia = Venice, so it’s another pun, get it? According to the biennial’s official announcement, it was started in 1995 by Colombian artists frustrated at not being able to access international air fairs but has since morphed into an effort to bring art and artists to undeserved communities within Bogota.

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