Alvaro Herrera – Pintor de Puertas

February 18, 2011

Moving from window bars to doors, I happened upon Alvaro Herrera’s project Pintor de Puertas while Googling some art galleries in Bogota.

Alvaro Herrera - Pintor de Puertas

I actually kind of groaned when I first saw this image as it reminded me of those cheesy posters of “The Doors of [insert City Name].” Then I read about Herrera’s process and it struck me as interesting. He went around to different houses in a poor neighborhood, offered his services as a door painter in exchange for being able to photograph it and use it for this project. The design of the door was a collaboration between the artist and the inhabitants.

When I take a picture of someone, I don’t think I’m taking something from them, necessarily, but I do feel a little bit of guilt about appropriating their image for my own desires. I’m very aware that I’m dependent upon the kindness of strangers [or friends, or family] for the work that I do. Herrera’s project strikes me as a fitting exchange between photographer/painter and subject.

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