Alfredo Srur – Geovanny No Quiere Ser Rambo

January 25, 2011

© Alfredo Srur

© Alfredo Srur

© Alfredo Srur

Alfredo Srur is a photojournalist from Argentina who’s work deals primarily with violence and struggle in marginalized communities in Latin America. He recently had a book published in Argentina concerning the life of a young man in the violent neighborhoods of Medellín, Colombia. It’s called Geovanny No Quiere Ser Rambo.  The book is part of the series Colección Fotógrafos Argentinos. Unfortunately their site is in flash so I can’t link to the specific book, but on the site are more images from the book as well as the introductory text (in Spanish).

I’m not generally a fan of grainy black and white images but this work is extremely powerful. The book closes with a series of letters between Srur and Geovanny. The language is simple and devastating as Geovanny recounts his life and dreams. I contacted Srur and he sent me a full resolution scan of one of these letters, which is posted below. Click on it to read it in its full size.

Update: When I wrote this post I had no idea that January was going to be Alfredo Srur month on the internet. Go check out great interviews of Srur on Too Much Chocolate and Juanele.

2 Responses to “Alfredo Srur – Geovanny No Quiere Ser Rambo”

  1. Rick Powell Says:

    He’s great isn’t he?

    Thanks for the link!

  2. […] of individual monographs by Argentine photographers. I’ve previously written about one, Geovanny No Quiere Ser Rambo by Alfredo Srur. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

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