Guadalupe Ruiz

January 11, 2011

So it’s January 11th and I should almost be arriving in Bogotá assuming all went well.

Guadalupe Ruiz mixes portraits, interiors, landscapes and architecture in and around Bogotá. The same people pop up in various series. Perhaps they are her family but they seem more like actors in noir-ish telenovelas put out by her own personal TV studio.

© Guadalupe Ruiz from the series 'La Bella Suiza'

© Guadalupe Ruiz from the series 'Cuarenta con Trece'

© Guadalupe Ruiz from the series 'Bogota, DC'

© Guadalupe Ruiz from the series 'La Fucking Family'

Ruiz is from Colombia but currently resides in Switzerland. Surely the best part about moving to another country is being able to register a domain name like !! It almost makes me want to register It’s available. I just checked.

4 Responses to “Guadalupe Ruiz”

  1. samuel Says:

    Many country domains don’t require residency.

  2. Hey Thomas, I really like the work of Guadalupe Ruiz.
    I’m also from Bogota, do you know where to find more of her photographs.



  3. thomashobbs Says:

    Hi Mauricio,

    there’s her site,

    she also has a book out. i forget the name but you can find it in bogota are more arts-centered bookstores. the big biblioteca in the candelaria has the book inside their gift shop, at least they used to. its published by la silueta

  4. telfor10 Says:

    black skirt

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