Guadalupe Miles

January 4, 2011

© Guadalupe Miles from the series 'Chaco'

© Guadalupe Miles from the series 'Chaco'

Over the course of the next week or ten days I will be traveling overland from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Bogotá, Colombia. This is a bit of a folly on my part, mostly the result of bad planning and the excessive airfares of the southern hemispheric summer.

Here on this blog I try to relate inspirational experiences of photographs dealing with where ever I happen to be. Since I’m likely to be stuck on a bus and without an internet connection for the time being I decided to write these posts in advance. What follows, then, is an imaginary journey that roughly parallels my own route up the continent, highlighting works that I admire that deal with place I’m to be passing through.

First up is Guadalupe Miles’ marvelous series Chaco. It’s a series of portraits of taken in an indigenous community in the northern Argentine province of Salta. A fellow student in a photojournalism class criticized this work as “demasiado progragonismo.” For me it’s precisely that progratonism and the sense of play in these portraits that make them so beguiling.

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