Dinuba 8×10

December 21, 2010

Palm Drive in Dinuba, CA, in the Tule fog

Today is the summer solstice for the southern hemisphere. In Buenos Aires it’s humid and almost 97 degrees F. I hate it. I guess it’s part of my anti-social personality that I dislike the heat and would rather be someplace cool [Northern California cool, not Canada cold]. Back in January I left Buenos Aires and went to Dinuba, California, this small town near Fresno where my mom grew up. My aunt & uncle were selling the town’s newspaper and I wanted to document this business that had been in the family almost 100 years before it went away [and also to escape the heat of Argentina’s summer].

I had this vague idea of driving around the town and taking lots of pictures with an 8×10 camera, pretending I was Joel Sternfeld or something. In the end I got sucked into this idea of making portraits of the newspaper’s staff with this massive copy camera, which I did [see my post on all the technical aspects].

That said, I did spend a decent amount of time waking up a dawn and driving in circles around the town looking for stuff to take pictures of. Since it’s too hot in Argentina for me to enjoy much being outside I’ve been sitting in my apartment today and going through old photos and scanning them. I know this sounds crazy but 55 degrees F and buried in winter Tule fog in the California Central Valley seems really appealing right now.

Here’s a few scans of contact sheets from said soujourns:

Flooded dog park on the northern edge of town

98 Cent Mostly store and mural on the corner of Tulare & K streets

Suspended tract house development

And here are a few pictures from the Dinuba Sentinel itself:

Patty in the mailroom

Graphic film negatives of page layouts from the 1990s

1919 edition of the Dinuba Sentinel


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