Mesa de Luz

December 16, 2010

Last Saturday I participated in a Mesa de Luz [light table] where the participants of Nacho Iasparra’s workshops [myself included] put out prints on a table, rented two kegs of good beer, and invited a bunch of people to come over and look at them.

Two pictures from my Pulmones series on the wall

pile of photos by Matías Sinigoi

pile of photos by Fernando Araldi

Nacho Iasparra

pile of photos by Darío Schvarzstein

pile of photos by Andrés Kuzmanich

viewers checking out participants´photo books

My piles of photos

I figured I’d use it as an opportunity to show new stuff I haven’t put up on the web yet. I had two piles, one a series of portraits of guys [in 6×6!!] and the other photos of a certain type of landscape in Buenos Aires. I’m not ready to pull back the curtain on either of these yet so I’ll say no more but here’s a couple of images from each group.


Avenida General Paz

Here’s a list of all the participants with a link to their website or flickr if I could find one.

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