Arte x Arte Biennial – Stuff I liked

December 12, 2010

Arte x Arte [that’s Spanish for “Art for Art”] is a photography gallery that is currently showing their biennial of contemporary Argentine photography. It’s a huge survey with several dozen, mostly young photographers represented. Their website is down at the moment but they’re located at Lavalleja 1062 and I think they open at 1pm. I’m guessing the show should be up this whole month and perhaps in January too.

Here’s some stuff that I liked. It’s obviously my own tastes and not representative at all of the overall selection:

Denise Giovaneli

A gorgeous twilight building by Denise Giovaneli. It makes me want to throw out my big cameras and just shoot 35mm.

Eloy Vallejo

Eloy Vallejo does staged photographs. This one is called “Winter Vacation” and features a rather depressing suburban scene.

Fabian Ramos

This self-portrait by Fabian Ramos reminded me a little of the Maske series by Phyllis Galembo currently making its away around the blogosphere.

German Ruiz

One of German Ruiz’s cute dogs I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. I liked how the print was hung on two little pins inside the glass frame. It’s a whimsical gesture that goes well with the subject matter.

German Ruiz

Ivo Aichenbaum

Ivo Aichenbaum shoots McMansions in Patagonia.

Juan Guillermo Peña

There wasn’t a whole lot of un-staged social scenes present. This photo by Juan Guillermo Peña was one exception.

Julian Rodriguez

This really cool, long exposure, nightscape by Julian Rodriguez was the only traditional black & white fiber print in the whole show.

Lena Szankay

Lena Szankay took home the big prize with this photo of the interior of an old photo studio in a small town.

Oliver Kornblihtt

I like Oliver Kornblihtt’s series of big box retail stores. I was accused of only featuring photographers who use film on this blog. I pointed to this photo to defend myself. I’m not so much against digital as I am against bad Photoshopping.

I’ve tried to link to each photographer’s website but sometimes they can be hard to find. Feel free to leave a link in the comments.

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