Claudia Presentado

November 21, 2010

Thinking about Holgas with respect to the last post on Gustavo Lozano, I remembered liking the work of Claudia Presentado, also done with a Holga. I met Claudia while participating in the portfolio reviews at the Festival de la Luz last August. At the time she didn’t have a website but I just googled her and discovered that she’s uploaded a couple of series to her flickr account.

The first series, Conurbano, deals with the suburbs of Buenos Aires [you will have probably noticed that I will link to just about any work about the suburbs of Buenos Aires]. Using a $20 camera makes sense in dangerous areas. I like the whimsical things Presentado finds.

© Claudia Presentado from series 'Conurbano'

© Claudia Presentado from series 'Conurbano'

© Claudia Presentado from series 'Conurbano'

Also viewable is another series, Flores Verdes, which depicts trees and flowers.

© Claudia Presentado from series 'Flores Verdes'

© Claudia Presentado from series 'Flores Verdes'

I really like how the Holga renders leaves and branches. I’m a huge fan, for instance of Joseph Zorn’s work on Flickr. It’s springtime in Buenos Aires and the Jacaranda trees are in full-flower. Looking at Presentado’s foliage photos makes me want to stop writing blog posts and go out and take pictures.

4 Responses to “Claudia Presentado”

  1. Albano Says:

    Really nice work. But Holgas here aren’t 20 green bucks. They go for 300 pesos or more (75 usd and up). If you find one for 20 let me know, I want one but refuse to spend 300 pesos in a cheap piece of plastic.

  2. Albano Says:

    Still they’re cheaper than a 35mm SLR or medium format camera…

  3. Mariana Says:

    Me gustaron mucho. Esa última parece de ensueño.

  4. veronica Says:

    Amiga realmente bellisimo tu trabajo….como todo lo que haces…sos una gran artista y siempre estoy muy orgullosa de vos como persona y como profesional…

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