Martín Canals – Mini-animalista

November 11, 2010

Yesterday at the Centro Cultural Recoleta I caught this fun show by Martín Canals showing constructed worlds of animal figurines. The prints were colossal which is no coincidence since Canals is one of the owners of Megaphoto. The show closes tomorrow but I figure I’ll write about it anyway.

Martin Canals at CC Recoleta

I like how with the forced perspective the constructed space of the animals bleeds off into reality. A number of the prints were stereographs, viewable with special, custom-made devices.

Stereo viewing device

Stereo viewing device

The most clever was this machine made of out recycled parts from an E-6 processor that rotated a selection of sterographs on slide flim, projecting different scenes for the viewer.

Stereograph viewing device made from old E-6 Processor

Viewing stereo images, Martin Canals at CC Recoleta

I’m not sure if Canals has a website or not. Googling his name merely turns up information about Canals on the planet Mars (ie. “did you mean Martian Canals?)

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