Richard C Miller – Freeway

October 17, 2010

I’m in Los Angeles right now staying with my dad. A couple of days ago he hands me the LA Times which has an obituary for Richard C. Miller, a hollywood celebrity photographer active in the 1940s and 50s. He asked me if I had heard of him. I hadn’t. The article showed a tantalizing photo showing the famous 4-level interchange of the 101 and the 110. The book Freeway, which is available on Amazon, shows the construction in the late 1940s of the Hollywood Freeway. Here’s a few images from his website:


Freeway, Richard C. Miller



Freeway, Ricard C. Miller



Freeway, Ricard C. Miller


The whole series, especially this last photo could pass for the New Topographic work, except this was 20 years earlier. Miller was also expert in the Carbro color printing process. Photoicon has samples of his color work, including photos of Marilyn Monroe from when she was still Norma Jean:


Norma Jean Dougherty in 1946, Richard C. Miller



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