Humberto Rivas Kicks Ass

October 8, 2010

Humberto Rivas was an Argentine photographer who moved to Barcelona in 1976 and went on to fame and greatness in his adopted country. I picked up a book of his that contains a lot of formal, exquisitely lit black and white studio portraits from the 1980s, like an Iberian, heterosexual Robert Mapplethorpe.

© Humberto Rivas

But what I really love about his work are these color pictures of crusty street corners in Argentina, Spain, France and Portugal, with a limited color palette.

© Humberto Rivas

© Humberto Rivas

© Humberto Rivas

© Humberto Rivas

Rivas died in 2009. He was a big deal in Spanish photography in the 1980s and 1990s [so I’ve been told]. I find it amazing that in the 5+ years I’ve been following photography blogs I have never once read anything about Humberto Rivas. Someone needs to start a European Suburb X. If you are in the US, you can pick up the book Los Misterios de la Realidad for about $40 used on Amazon, which is about what I paid for a tattered copy here in Buenos Aires. It’s worth it. At the very least, check out his website which has got some great images and in sizes too.

[Update: between writing this post and publishing it, Manuel Dominguez also posted about Rivas].

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