Nacho Coló – Security Guard Posts in Buenos Aires

October 2, 2010

© Nacho Coló

© Nacho Coló

© Nacho Coló

© Nacho Coló

Much like Sao Paulo, sprinkled on street corners in the posh northern suburbs of Buenos Aires are these little cabins for security guards, usually paid for by the neighborhood. The guards who occupy these posts often personalize them with small TVs, potted plants, sexy-girl calendars, etc. Having visited Bogotá in June, where the walls are higher and the guards very heavily armed, these small posts strike me as charming reminders that things haven’t gotten so bad here yet.

The series La Seguridad by Ignacio Coló captures the tender beauty and  horribleness of these security posts. I really like the inclusion of the portraits as it adds a tender, human dimension and gets me thinking about these men who pass their days [and nights] inside of these tiny cabins. [See also my previous post on Felipe Russo’s Security Guard Posts in Sao Paulo]

One Response to “Nacho Coló – Security Guard Posts in Buenos Aires”

  1. […] posted about Nacho Coló last year about his work La Seguridad. At the time he only had a flickr stream. I recently found out he launched a website. I figured […]

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