Lungs / Pulmones

August 23, 2010

© Thomas Locke Hobbs

Another series I’ve recently added to my website is Lungs [or, in Spanish, Pulmones]. The title refers to pulmón de manzana which is the open, interior space of city blocks.  In Buenos Aires real estate parlance, apartments that overlook this area are called contrafrente because they face away from the street. In this series I’ve sought out views from different contrafrente apartments. Pulmones de manzana are typically these jumbled messes of buildings from different eras, sandwiched together without any aesthetic consideration. The space created is this weird mix of public and private, viewable to its residents but belonging to no one. It’s like a shared secret amongst all the neighbors on the block [at least the ones with contrafrente views].

The photos are presented as diptychs. The view is the same in each photo. The first was taken at the minute of sunset [I look it up online before hand]. The second photo is 15 minutes later. The light changes a lot in those 15 minutes. The second photo typically has about 3-stops more exposure so the artificial lights are 8-times stronger. Street lights turn on during this interval and people, if they are home, turn on their lights.

© Thomas Locke Hobbs

I am still working on this series, so if you know anyone in Buenos Aires with a view like this, please send me an email;

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