Las Palmas at Galeria Centrica

August 12, 2010

Las Palmas at Galeria Centrica

Currently at Galeria Centrica is a group show called show called Las Palmas. It features 70-ish photos by over 30 photographers posted loosely in groups on three of the gallery’s walls. There’s a mix of well-known photographers and lesser known newcomers. The contributors’ page helpfully links to each photographer’s web presence, if they have any. I was particularly taken with this landscape by Nicolas Larraquet:

Nicolas Larraquet at Galeria Centrica

I can find absolutely nothing on Larraquet online. No website, no blog, no flickr account, not even a facebook profile.  In this day and age, this intrigues me all the more. The photos on display offer  at-a-glance and overview of a  school of contemporary, artistically minded photography here in Buenos Aires that is concerned with gorgeous light, sublime moments and unstructured leisure time.

Las Palmas is on view until September 3, 2010. Galeria Centrica is located on Acuña de Figeuroa 1800 and is open Mon-Fri 2-8pm and Saturday 11am-5pm. The gallery is in the basement. Upstairs its a shoestore. Don’t be deterred.

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