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Agave Americana

July 30, 2010

Nahuel Vecino

Mando Alvarez

teLePhOtOcLoSeUp / Evan

Karina El Azem

Agave Americana, aka, the Century Plant

Nacho Iasparra at Galeria Catena

July 24, 2010

© Ignacio Iasparra

Currently at Galeria Ernesto Catena through August 2010 is a show of photographs by Nacho Iasparra.  I went to the opening, here’s how the photos looked on the wall:

Ignacio Iasparra at Galeria Ernesto Catena

Full disclosure: I study in Nacho’s workshop.

Ochava Shadows – Preview

July 20, 2010

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any personal work here. Part of the problem is that I don’t have a scanner and they’re hard to get here in Argentina. I’ve been working on a lot of new stuff since returning from California in March. Right now I’m busy preparing a portfolio of images for Festival de la Luz, a sort-of porteño version of FotoFest. Below are some images from a new series that I plan on showing.

Olaguer & Zapiola

Vidt & Mansilla

Maure & Fraga

It’s sort of the Bechers & James Turrell on a cruise to South America.

Saint Darío of the Train Platform by SUB [cooperativa de fotógrafos]

July 13, 2010

San Darío del Anden by SUB

SUB [cooperativa de fotógrafos] is a collective of photojournalists specializing in social stories concerning Argentina and its neighbors. Currently  at Centro Cultural Recoleta is the exhibit San Darío del Anden [on view until August 1, 2010]. Briefly, Maxi Kosteki and Darío Santillán were two protesters [piquiteros] who were shot and killed at point blank range by police officers in the entrance to the Avellaneda train station in 2002 after the violent dispersal of a protest. Darío and Maxi have since become icons of the piquitero movement. There are ceremonies and protests at the train station on the anniversary of their killing and there’s pressure to rename the station Darío y Maxi.

San Darío del Anden by SUB

SUB belongs very much to the world of concerned photography seeking to change conditions with their photographs. What I find interesting is their use of strobist techniques and heavy post-production changes to color and contrast. If the grainy, high contrast, black and white images traditionally associated with this kind of photography have lost their ability to get an audience to respond, borrowing the tools and aesthetics of fashion and advertising may be an effective strategy.

SUB’s website has a ton of reportages. Their work on Paraguayan campesinos thrown off their land by soybean growers employs a similar technique and aesthetic.

Stefano Cento – Urban Luna Park & Tabula Rasa

July 8, 2010

Italian photographer Stefano Cento recently spent several years in Buenos Aires producing several bodies of work. Urban Luna Park – May 25th contains nocturnal photographs taken under the May 25th freeway. If you’ve been to Buenos Aires you have almost certainly been on it as it’s the route in from the airport.

from Urban Luna Park by Stefano Cento

from Urban Luna Park by Stefano Cento

I often cross paths with the autopista in my wanderings around Flores and Boedo, looking for the perfect Chalet. The area beneath it is quite heavily utilized, frequently and oddly, by soccer clubs.

Tabula Rasa is another work by Cento. It shows aerial views of Buenos Aires where the streets have been removed digitally, leaving a jumble of patios and medianera walls.

from Tabula Rasa by Stefano Cento

from Tabula Rasa by Stefano Cento

That’s the same freeway depicted in Urban Luna Park, but from above. Be sure to click thru to the Tabula Rasa series. WordPress is munching the jpegs in a weird way.

Florencia Blanco – Fotos al Oleo

July 4, 2010

© Florencia Blanco

© Florencia Blanco

© Florencia Blanco

Florencia Blanco takes vintage, oil painted photos and recontextualizes them, placing them in landscapes with colors and tones which complement the photo [link]. Also check out her series Salteños, which depicts the northern Argentine province of Salta.