Luis Molina-Pantin: Narco-Architecture in Colombia

June 9, 2010

I’m flying tonight to Bogotá for a ten day trip, por que sí.

Here are some photos by Venezuelan artist Luis Molina-Pantin of drug-money fueled architecture in Cali and Bogota. The full name of the series is, An informal Study of the hybrid arquitecture, Vol.1 -The narco-arquitecture and its contributions to the community. Cali – Bogota, Colombia.

© Luis Molina-Pantin

House, Cali © Luis Molina-Pantin

I don’t mean to conflate Colombia with narco-architecture. On the contrary, during the few days I spent in Bogota back in 1997, I was mostly struck by all the Neo-Tudor buildings as well as the fact that the vast majority of new apartment buildings are clad in red brick. They stand out brilliantly against the deep green of the mountains abutting the city.

This isn’t specifically a photographic trip. I’m only bringing my Fuji GSW670 II, otherwise known as the “Texas Leica,” which has to be the best nickname ever for a camera.

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