Alina Schwarcz at Centro Cultural Rojas

May 4, 2010

Centro Cultural Rojas on Corrientes & Junin is showing photos by Alina Schwarcz. It’s called Secreto de Chicas [or Girl Secrets]. The show is up until May 22, 2010.

Alina Schwarcz at Centro Cultural Rojas

This was the only photo I managed to snap before the languid receptionist informed me that photography was not allowed [there was nothing posted]. Ironically for a show titled “secreto de chicas” I took one of the only photos of a guy. Go figure. I’m a big fan of including imacs, macbooks and iphones in photographs. I think they’re a key marker of our present day, sort of like Stephen Shore’s 1970’s automobiles, or Walker Evans’ movie posters.

Alina Shwarcz does not have a website but here’s some links I was able to dig up googling her; vvv gallery, proyecto panda, bola de nieve, ramona web. Ironically this post will probably be #2 or #3 in about a week.

Here’s some photos I was able to dig up. These are all from previous projects and exhibitions. I couldn’t find any photos from the current show, which I guess is all the more reason to see the show [if you’re fortunate enough to be in Buenos Aires].

© Alina Schwarcz, from series Tigre

© Alina Schwarcz, from series Tigre

I want one of those floating camera bags.

© Alina Schwarcz

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