Eduardo Gil’s Start in Photography

January 11, 2010

I came into the world of photography by accident. When the military coup occurred in 1976, I was a trade union representative in a multinational and was immediately put on the government’s blacklist.  If I wanted to stay alive I had to quit my job.

Argentine photographer Eduardo Gil describing his start as a photographer, taken from an interview published in the first issue of Revista Nuestra Mirada, a new online magazine about photojournalism in Latin America. The entire first issue is dedicated to Buenos Aires and has some great articles on Horacio Coppola, Marcos Lopez, Adriana Lestido and lots more photo essays about life in Buenos Aires. The articles are both in English and Spanish. This magazine looks like a great new resource.

One Response to “Eduardo Gil’s Start in Photography”

  1. M.Inés Says:

    Hi, my name is María Inés, I’m from B.A, and I just wanna you to know that I love your photographs. Thanks! just thanks for let all the people look all the beauty and details that the routine took us apart…

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