Premio Foster Catena

December 15, 2009

© Raquel Chávez

Currently showing at the Ernesto Catena gallery, one of the few art galleries in Buenos Aires dedicated to photography are the winners of the 2009 Catena Prize for Contemporary Photography, which shows emerging photographers active in Argentina. The brochure from the show states:

…this is a juried competition with highly unusual characteristics: a) it selects groups of works that constitute essays, series or editions rather than isolated pieces, and b) by granting each artist an entire wall in gallyer, it exhibits works to the privilege comprehension of the larger project.

The show is up through February 20, 2010 so if you’re in Buenos Aires during their summer, go check it out. They’re located at Honduras 4882, Tuesdays thru Saturdays.

Here’s a list of the winners and their websites or Flickr streams [if I could find them]:

Raquel Chávez [flickr]

Victoria Diaz Azcoaga

Andres Knoblovits

Geraldine Lanteri

Nadia Lawson and Juan Sebastián Bruno

Cecilia Lenardón

Leonardo Marino

Federico Marión

Jerónimo Mazzola

Malena Pizani

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