Marino Balbuena – Casas

December 3, 2009

© Marino Balbuena

Sometimes I feel like no one outside of Argentina has any idea what this place looks like. All those international commercials filmed in San Telmo and Diagonal Norte do not represent what 90% of the country looks like. Argentine photographer Marino Balbuena has a new website with wonderful projects showing this more daily reality with portfolios of kitschy houses, vacation homes, and male hustlers [!!]. In my own walks around the outer neighborhoods of Buenos Aires I occasionally come across the style of tile pictured above, which I’ve dubbed “azulejo safari” and it always stops me in my tracks.

But the two photos that really bring a smile to my face are these two, title “Duck Season” [Temporada de Patos]

Temporada de Patos I © Marino Balbuena

Temporada de Patos II © Marino Balbuena

3 Responses to “Marino Balbuena – Casas”

  1. they stole his credit card !!

  2. […] most about the series, in fact, were the houses themselves. While not as crazy and kitschy as Marino Balbuena’s, they are imbued with a subtle weirdness that is both completely ubiquitous here and mostly […]

  3. […] Conurbano & Dogs, Sebastian Friedman – Segurisimos, Martin Rubini’s Enanos, and Marino Balbuena – Casas LD_AddCustomAttr("AdOpt", "1"); LD_AddCustomAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

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