Chau Nonna

November 30, 2009

Graciela, June 2009

This is the first picture I made in color with my 8×10 camera. I remember getting it back from the lab, looking at it for the first time and thinking I should just stick a needle full of heroin in my arm right then. It would be cheaper and less addicting that shooting 8×10 in color. I’m very slowly building up a portfolio of color, 8×10 portraits of which I hope this photo is part of one day. I really like the photo, however, so I keep trying to slip it  into my Buenos Aires series whenever I’ve presented the work in class or online. She keeps getting booted, tho. I hope someday there’s a place for Graciela in my portfolio. In the meantime she’ll stay on Flickr, accumulating favs & comments.

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