Juan Velasquez is way more badass than me

November 4, 2009
Juan's Tatoo


One of my photography professors, Juan Velasquez, an advertising photographer here in Buenos Aires, has tatoo’ed on his arm all the f-stops from f1 to f90. I totally suck in comparison!

The class, fyi, is Fotografia Publicitaria at Espacio Buenos Aires, a fashion and design school. It’s basically an intermediate studio lighting course where one week we’ll photograph a bottle of red wine and the next a pint of beer. Their photography courses have a very professional [rather than artistic] orientation, which I actually appreciate.


4 Responses to “Juan Velasquez is way more badass than me”

  1. KhashiPhoto Says:

    it’s really amazing but I wouldn’t do that for sure 😀

  2. Lupe Jelena Says:

    Holy shtttt that´s the exact same tattoo I´ve wanted to get for ages. And in the same location!
    I thought about it and reconsidered, since there isn´t a set number of f stops.
    I´m considering just getting the stops in my favourite lens, a 50mm 1.4 ♥

    Cheers from Buenos Aires!

  3. Nenene Says:


    and a little crazy ;-P

  4. […] finns flertalet idéer för tatueringar om man är kameranörd, två av mina favoriter är denna som är en sifferserie kring armen som självklart bygger på f-stop (1, 1.4, 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6 osv.) […]

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