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Chau Nonna

November 30, 2009

Graciela, June 2009

This is the first picture I made in color with my 8×10 camera. I remember getting it back from the lab, looking at it for the first time and thinking I should just stick a needle full of heroin in my arm right then. It would be cheaper and less addicting that shooting 8×10 in color. I’m very slowly building up a portfolio of color, 8×10 portraits of which I hope this photo is part of one day. I really like the photo, however, so I keep trying to slip it  into my Buenos Aires series whenever I’ve presented the work in class or online. She keeps getting booted, tho. I hope someday there’s a place for Graciela in my portfolio. In the meantime she’ll stay on Flickr, accumulating favs & comments.

Panoramica Galerie

November 28, 2009

© Estela Izuel

Panoramica Galerie is a nicely designed website featuring a number of contemporary Argentine photographers such as Alberto Goldenstein, Ignacio Iasparra, Guillermo Srodek-Hart, Guillermo Ueno, Eduardo Gil, Esteban Pastorin0, Estela Izuel [pictured above], and others. They also have a blog which covers photography events in Buenos Aires.

New Edit

November 22, 2009

© Thomas Locke HobbsI got my negatives back from the lab. After scanning and a little tweaking in Photoshop I’m putting a provisional but hopefully nearly finished edit on my personal site. Go check it out. Let me know what you think.

Andres Figueroa – Bailarines del Desierto

November 21, 2009

© Andres Figueroa

Via the always amazing blog, PeruFotoLibre, I discovered the work of Chilean photographer Andres Figueroa and his series Bailarines del Desierto. I love the limited color palette of this image above and  its just so cute. I’m reminded of Irving Penn’s Cuzco Children. There are more photos from the series on the blog Chilenizacion de la Fotografia , an excellent blog with a clever name that I discovered while googling for more images. They feature contemporary Chilean photographers and I’d recommend checking it out.

Nicola Okin Frioli – The Other Side of the American Dream

November 17, 2009

© Nicola Okin Frioli

Nicola Okin Frioli is an Italian photojournalist based in Mexico. His series The Other Side of the American Dream depicts people who have been injured and maimed in their attempt to reach the us. It’s a series of expressive portraits against a black background that I feel dignifies the people as well as heightens the attention on their story.

In this photo the plastic chair tells a great deal about the occupant’s circumstances. I confess a certain fascination with these ubiquitous chairs and see them as somehow emblematic of our current age. I’m not the only one. See this post from the New York Times’ Lens Blog, What Has Four Legs and Follows Me?

Soledad Manrique

November 13, 2009

© Soledad Manrique

Writing last week about Buenos Aires 2009, I mentioned that I really enjoyed a photo by Soledad Manrique of her abuelas but lamented that she doesn’t yet have a website. Thankfully, I was pointed to an online exhibition of her photos hosted on Casa Rodante.

Daniel Merle’s Camera Porn Videos

November 9, 2009

Daniel Merle is the photo editor for La Nacion’s Sunday magazine and he also writes the best [the only?] blog on photography in Argentina. I enjoy reading his blog [in Spanish] because he writes in a very conversational style that I find easy to read. Of course, I also enjoy what he writes about. Recently he’s been producing these wonderful short videos of well-known photographers here in Argentina talking about what cameras they use and why. I realize that the camera does not make the photographer, still, I’m a complete camera porn fetishist and total voyeur when it comes to watching other photographers at work, so these videos are a joy to watch [in Spanish]:

Juan Travnik

Alberto Goldenstein [I’m currently taking a workshop with Alberto at the Centro Cultural Rojas]

Marcos Lopez. This video is amusing because Sr. Lopez doesn’t actually own any cameras. Like a lot of commercial photographers, he rents what he needs [he’s also fun to listen to].

Juan Velasquez is way more badass than me

November 4, 2009
Juan's Tatoo


One of my photography professors, Juan Velasquez, an advertising photographer here in Buenos Aires, has tatoo’ed on his arm all the f-stops from f1 to f90. I totally suck in comparison!

The class, fyi, is Fotografia Publicitaria at Espacio Buenos Aires, a fashion and design school. It’s basically an intermediate studio lighting course where one week we’ll photograph a bottle of red wine and the next a pint of beer. Their photography courses have a very professional [rather than artistic] orientation, which I actually appreciate.