First Post

October 16, 2009

I never know what to write for the first post. I mean, it’s the first post! I guess I can start with some of the things that matter to me most:

vagnerbwMy boyfriend Vagner, the love of my life and the reason I moved to Buenos Aires. He’s from Brazil. We met in 2005 and moved here together in March of 2008. Argentina is like neutral territory for us. Unless and until the US federal government recognizes gay marriage I’ll likely be living in semi-exile somewhere in Latin America. All things considered, Buenos Aires isn’t a bad place to call home.

Of course, this isn’t really my first post, that would be on some long-lost blog I started in the year 2000. It was hosted on Geocities and run thru Blogger, before they were even bought by Google. I was living in Buenos Aires at the time, just like I am know, and feeling isolated from my home. I discovered blogs in late 1999 and they totally changed my web experience in ways that have since become obvious and practically universal.

In 2003 I got my first digital camera, a Sony Cybershot U and registered my name as a domain. Here’s the first picture I uploaded. It’s a music store in Jackson Heights. I was living in New York at the time.


Last year I started a blog called Here’s the first photo I posted on it:


I had tons of digital snapshots of Buenos Aires and I wanted a home on the web for them. I was playing around with ideas for domain names and was inspired by two sites, Mountain Photographer and Travel Photographer. The generic nature of their names seemed perfect for the Google Age and I discovered that no one had claimed Buenos Aires Photographer. Looking back the name is absurdly pretentious [me? THE photographer for Bs As, a city of 13 million?] and too vague for marketing myself in any specific way. Still, I’ve met people, discovered many hidden corners of the city from people’s suggestions and even sold a few images. At the same time I recognize that it’s not my main goal photographically, so I try to not let it eat up my life [and Vagner’s very happy for that!].

Now I’m starting a WordPress blog. I’m doing this because I’ve decided I want to show a limited portfolio of my best work. If you google me, it’s the first thing I want you to see. The old blog’s posts aren’t going anywhere. I created a page for the old blog’s archive, so you can access them.

I like personal blogging and want to continue with it. My goals for this blog are modest and unoriginal; occasional updates on what I’m doing, some reflections on living in Argentina, links to good photography here in Argentina, or in Latin America or in the rest of the world [but probably not so much].

So, add me to your reader or check back here ever couple of weeks or once a month to see what’s up.


12 Responses to “First Post”

  1. I’ve been watching your great pictures for years on your previous blog. I added this new one to my google reader feeds.

    I’m so glad you decided to continue sharing these precious instants you can capture like nobody else.

    Thank you SO much,

    Fabien MORISSET

  2. Nate Says:

    Congrats on the new blog; I look foreward to the redone ThoLoHo domain as well. Buena suerte!

  3. David A. Says:

    I’m glad to see that you keep expanding your presence in the web. I like your non-pretentious and very personal style. Honestly, where else can you find the hottest local graffiti along with a pizza-based inflation index?

    Buena suerte

    PS-It’s sad the semi-exiled feeling but I’m sure that very soon, the only reason for not having a post of your passport with Vagner’s name on it will be only that you both preferred not to.

  4. Mike Says:

    Well, Thomas, progress is good. A portfolio of your best work is definitely worth the TLH domain name.

    I must say, I will miss the old blog. It is where I found you and have followed you religiously since the hamburger in the red basket.

    I love the BA blog and follow that as well, but TLH changed the way I look at photography (a light bulb moment) and caused me to start my first blog.

    Good luck. I can’t wait to see all that follows.

  5. PatK Says:

    Cheers, Thomas. I am sorry your Mom missed Gustavo in L.A. Can you imagine?

  6. diego Says:

    Hi, I like your blog and the photos on your website, is interesting how you see the city when you are a foreign, everything is new…

  7. Bradford Says:

    Hello Tom!
    Me llamo Don “Brad”. Voy a Buenos Aires Octubre 19, 2010. Dude, your fotographias rock! I am a longtime graphic artist by trade, and have recently found myself in the “freelance mode” and will light upon BsAs this coming Tuesday, hopefully for a few months. Your pics of garden gates, garden flora, with the “Mugre” growing on the wall is great. I was a longtime advocate of rusty iron railings, trim, before it became fashionable in Georgetown, Washington, DC. Even the Japanese have a special word for “old, moldy, rustic, etc” which I can’t fathom at this moment cuz I am trying to cram Espanol 101 in my final days…

  8. Ytgxjkev Says:

    How much does the job pay? pthc lolita

  9. Paykmufr Says:

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  10. Mdfnnwam Says:

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  11. David A. Says:

    Hey Thomas! It was great seeing you at the sunset in Mazatlan! Hope you upload here or there some of the pictures you took that day! have a great time!

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